From the sands of Morocco, to the concrete floors of a prison cage, Stephen Caputi's memoir, "I Should Have Stayed In Morocco," is a documented journey that any one of us might not be able to avoid if we found ourselves seduced by the masterful manipulator and Ponzi-schemer, Scott Rothstein.



“Stephen Caputi opens up his heart and soul as he details his journey of betrayal that takes him from the back offices of some of the most spectacular international nightclubs to the bowels of the federal prison system. A dedicated business partner and loyal friend to Scott Rothstein, one of the most notorious Ponzi schemers in U.S. history, he is dragged from the pinnacle of his success to be served up as one of many sacrificial lambs that Rothstein managed to destroy.

A glimpse to the internal workings of a business empire and the minds of those who built them, Caputi provides a candid perspective on how calculating and corrupt a business partner might actually be behind closed doors. From the sands of Morocco to the concrete floor of a prison cage, this is a journey that any one of us might not be able to avoid if seduced by such a masterful manipulator who offers up morsels of grand fortune and gluttonous wealth… in exchange for blind loyalty.”

Rudy A. Mazzocchi, award-winning author

“Throughout the book Steve draws a crystal-clear image and does an Ivy League-quality analysis of the peculiar machinations of ‘the perpetual prisoner money machine’, as he has so accurately monikered the penal system in America. He conducted over 2,000 interviews of inmates and staff over several years during his fiasco in prison, compiling a laser-accurate representation of prison life and experiences. In the Author’s Notes he expands his analysis further, illustrating how the criminal justice system feeds the prison ‘business’. For the record, I have found everything presented as factual information in his analysis to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and the statistics presented verified with the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

I recommend that I Should Have Stayed In Morocco be required reading for all collegians across America, for entrepreneurs young and old, and for everyone else who is interested in reading a great non-fiction story…”

Louis J. Terminello, Esq.



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